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Arianne Raby  Director/Run Leader  @a.run88

Arianne Raby
Director/Run Leader @a.run88

ARIANNE is considered to be one of the best runners in the province of Quebec. Running makes her feel confident, free, and energized. Her favorite distances are 5k, 10k, half & the marathon. Her biggest accomplishments are definitely winning the half marathon (1:18) in Ottawa and the Montreal Marathon (2:48), and placing 5th at the 10k National Championship, all in 2016. She graduated from Indiana University in 2014 with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Coaching on a full scholarship. She graduated with a Masters in Kinesiology at U. of Montreal in 2017. She has been coaching for the past years and she is passionate of sports performance. She has been given the privilege of working with great brands such as Skechers, lululemon, Brix, Kronobar, Compressport and Ciele Athletics. Her personal best are 21.1k(1:15) & 42.2k(2:39).

Annie Kerr Denis / Coordinator  @anik.kd

Annie Kerr Denis / Coordinator @anik.kd

ANIK is an expert in insights and strategies, nothing goes under her nose. She is a marketing manager by day, sports and an adventure passionate by night. She has a Bachelor of Science in pharmacology and worked for companies such as Vichy for years. A series of events led her to invest more time in sports where she discovered her love for running. Since then, you can meet her at Local run clubs, events, biking & even surfing.

Having spent many years attending retreats as a participants, she wanted to help create experiences that lasted and, therefore, joined The Outrun team in 2018. She has been a critical collaborator & partner from the beginning to present.

Justin Pugliese  Co-director / Photographer  @jpugs84

Justin Pugliese
Co-director / Photographer @jpugs84

JUSTIN has always enjoyed being active and playing sports. His love for running began 7 years ago when he participated in a charity 10k with his friends. Over the last few years he has shifted his focus onto triathlon and completed his first Ironman in August 2016. He also qualified for and ran the Boston marathon several times. His personal best is now 2:45 which he ran in Toronto in 2018. His ultimate goal is to one day qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. He is very passionate about being involved in the Montreal run community, as he likes to encourage others to attain their own running goals. It has also led him towards many unique opportunities and interesting people. For the past year, he also took up photography as a hobby.