All our retreats only offer nourishing recipes for runners. We know too well that our nutrition impacts our performance as well as we are not immune to health issues. We try to be convenient with food on the go, supplements, gels and sport drinks but we aren't aware of their lack of real nutrition.  The major contributor to performance is good nutrition. 

Sponsored by : Nuun Hydration, Kronobar, Brix


Chef Rosie became cook after graduating from the prestigious culinary school (ITHQ) in Montreal. In her kitchen, her pleasure is to discover and try new recipes. She specialized in cooking for people with intolerance and allergies. Her relationship with the athletic community helped her achieved multiple projects such as kronobar, her company bar (vegan and gluten free). 

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Kitchen open daily
6AM - 9PM

As you are our guest, feel free to grab something on the table : snacks & drinks. Our amazing Chef will cook for us the entire weekend. 

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